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Chocolates limited only by your imagination!

At Sweet Aloha Chocolates we do it all! We not only prepare delicious chocolate, we also make the molds. From chocolates shaped like refrigerators to chocolate copies of real awards, from chocolate gas stations to logo chocolates, we can turn your idea into sweet reality.
The one-time mold charge varies from about $ 175.00 to $ 250.00 depending on the degree of difficulty and the time involved.

 Please allow enough lead time. For more information call (808) 841-0991.

Following are a few examples of custom molded chocolate items:

A two-piece mold made to resemble the actual award.
Multiple molds to create a 3-D Gas Station.




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To Order:
(808) 841-0991
Sweet Aloha Chocolates
P.O. Box 894375
Mililani, HI 96789
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Last modified: September 01, 2008